What is The Opaka Method?

Developed by master strength and conditioning coach, trainer, and educator, Jennifer Opaka, The Opaka Method is a unique approach to conditioning and healing the human body for optimal performance. Jennifer’s 25 years of work and study in the area of fitness has her trained in more than 40 disciplines. This diverse body of knowledge has helped her to evolve personal training into effective group training, the focus of which is building strength through resistance in combination with elements of Pilates, Yoga, and her own Roll & Release.

After two surgeries, Jennifer found her subsequent recoveries were due in large part to her own exploratory self-healing. The tools and techniques that she had used on her own body she began to incorporate into her work with clients, initially only those suffering with pain. From these tools and techniques, her Roll & Release method has evolved to become an essential element of Jennifer’s group and personal training regimen, and not just for those with pain. As she personally benefited from Roll & Release in preventing the onset of pain, Jennifer took it into the fitness studio as a preventative measure for all of her clients. Roll & Release, in combination with personal training and personalized small group training, has proven effective both in healing and maintaining a healthy body, one that is primed for strength building, weight loss, or whatever personal goals a client might seek to achieve. For some the only goal is managing their pain. Jennifer Opaka’s goals for her clients are often loftier than their own. She has made it her life’s work to help people not in merely managing pain, but in many cases, eliminating it altogether.

The Opaka Method personal training (and group) can be tailored to address the following:

Weight Loss/Body Fat Reduction Muscle Mass/Lean Tissue Development
Strength Training Range of Motion/Flexibility Training
Joint & Muscular Injury Sport Specific (Basketball, Track, Football all sports)
Special Considerations (Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Obesity, Low Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Joint Replacement, and many other conditions) Pilates Training
Pre & Post Natal Training Yoga Training
Postural Training, Corrective Stretching & Strengthening Pre & Post Rehabilitation
Functional Training Core Conditioning
General Fitness Stress Management
Functional Daily Activities Balance Training
Strength Training for seniors And much more
OM trainers design each individualized program to contain the following elements:
  • Strength Training

    This is accomplished through the use of Gravity machines. Each client is guided through a series of movements, incorporating elements of Pilates and Yoga, which work to improve flexibility, range of motion, balance, alignment, and, of course, strength.
  • Empowerment

    This is accomplished through education. Clients are versed in proper form, kinesthetic awareness, and goal modification where applicable.
  • Roll and Release Therapy

    This is accomplished through the use of specialized balls, which, with guided use, work to manage and reduce muscle fiber stress, tightness, and tension. Roll and Release balls manually manipulate fascia, the body’s connective network. Through the activities of daily living as well as occasional trauma, fascia accumulates stress and tightness. Roll and Release, in addressing this build-up, helps to create a healthy connective network, one that is primed to support a body that is has greater flexibility, range of motion, and strength. In addition to these benefits, this maintenance is absolutely essential to a safe workout regimen as well as pain reduction and, in some cases, complete elimination.
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